hinoki LAB Potpourri  Pot Large - citrus hinoki - hinoki LAB

hinoki LAB Potpourri Pot Large - citrus hinoki

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japanese aroma hinoki potpourri pot series medium

Potpourri Pot

Treat yourself or your loved ones to a high-quality scent. Based on the scent of Hinoki distilled in the pure water of Shinjo Village, Three types of ‘natural fragrance oils’ made only with natural oils.

The dedicated ‘potpourri pot’ is a medicine bottle containing Hinoki material and tied with Mizuhiki, a traditional Japanese cord.

As a personal fragrance or a room fragrance Enjoy the relaxing scent at the bedside, desk, or entrance. Perfect for a birthday, Christmas, or other festive gift. 'Natural fragrance oil’ can be selected from citrus, spicy or herbal.


japanese aroma hinoki potpourri pot how to use

How to use

Soak in the desired amount of hinokiLAB oil before use. Please adjust the amount of oil according to the size of the room and pot.


Natural fragrance oil

Basic hinoki LAB potpourri pot comes with citrus hinoki natural fragrance oil.

japanese aroma hinoki natural fragrance oil citrus hinoki Citrus Hinoki

A refreshing and sweet citrus scent. Feel the cheerful energy, feel refreshed, and be bright and positive.

japanese aroma hinoki natural fragrance oil herbal hinoki Herbal Hinoki

A fresh, natural and refreshing scent. Deeply inhale to calm the mind and encourage regeneration.
japanese aroma hinoki natural fragrance oil spicy hinoki

Sweet and spicy earth scent. Wrapped in a warm sun that brightens your feelings and is full of vitality. It is a scent that will please men and those who like the scent of spicy wood.


Colorful Mizuhiki (水引) is a traditional Japanese decorative artform that used at auspicious events.
Mizuhiki, a word closely associated with the Japanese word musubu (connection, tying) are twines of “washi” rice paper tied in knots to decorate gifts, as a symbol of affection or togetherness, just as the word “musubu” would imply.

Mizuhiki of hinoki LAB potpourri pot is carefully handcrafted.

mizuhiki - hinokiLAB


The product details

Name hinoki LAB Potpourri M
Contents Popli pot x 1 , natural fragrance oil citrus hinoki 10ml x 1
Size Potpourri pot L (8 x 16 cm)
Raw material name Hinoki, Hinoki oil, Himalayan rock salt from Okayama prefecture
Precautions Do not use or store the product within the reach of children or near fire. For external use only.
Country of origin Okayama / Japan


hinoki LAB Potpourri Pot Series
potpourri pot M - hinokiLAB
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potpourri pot G - hinokiLAB

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